Short Stories

Title Summary

Chicken Thief

An epiphany story. The sucess of a quest has undesired consequences.

Ernest and the Citizen Ghost

Practical and apolitical Ernest Gunter has an unwelcome occupant in his new property--a noisy ghost who wants to vote!

Divorced Woman

Will your favorite aunt go to hell because she is a divorced woman?


A brief moment in the life of an old lady.

Blind Spot

Fear or conscious, probably fear.

There's Only One Way to Skin a Cat

A school project goes awry.

No Name Dog

A strange hyper, little dog without a fitting name.

The Man with No Past

A science fiction story that asks the question is it better to know your future or to remember your past?

It's Not Sunday!

A poignant short-short story.


A shot of Americanism in Panama.

The Day Snow Came to South Texas

The steam locomotive looked like a Chinese parade dragon with a white spine and billows of vapors coming out of the sides and out of the top. It was a glorious day.


Why couldn't my family be as perfect as the visitors of our neighbor.

The Ring

Is the ring really cursed?

Viva Zapata

When Hollywood came to Roma, Texas to film Viva Zapata it created quite a stir with locals. Marlon Brando, Jean Peters and Antony Queen were real people and they were here in Roma, Texas!