History Research Papers

Title Summary

Hispanic Woman

Characteristics needed by the Hispanic woman to survive as a pioneer in the fronier.

The Basis of Mexican Liberalism 1824

Independence from Spain was achieved in an era dominated by constitutional determinism. The fall of Iturbide intensified this optimism among Mexical liberals. It was under the aegis of this epoch that the Mexican Constitution of 1824 was written by a liberal Congress.

Origins of Boss Rule in Starr County

The standard explanation for the development of Boss Rule in South Texas in general and in Starr County in particular is that this was the natural outcome of a long period of instability and violence on a largely peasant class already used to the patrón system. The American takeover of this territory was simply a change of management of an already established governing structure. A close examination shows that this explanation isn’t only inadequate; it simply doesn’t make sense for several reasons.

Texas: The Complete Story

Neither glorious nor pathetic, this is an episode of the struggles of an all but forgotten people, remembered with a start and then with all the freshness of a recrudescent dream.  No myths, no legends just the story of frontier families doing ordinary tasks under extraordinary circumstances in the forging of the Texas frontier, but it is our history and it’s worth telling. This work is not yet complete.

My Great-Great Grandmother Gabriela Alvarez De La Garza

I have been doing genealogy for over ten years. I had overlooked my great-great grandmother Gabriela
Alvarez De La Garza. I have done a lot of research on her husband Manuel Perez Gonzalez and his ancestors. I have also done research on all their children. How did I overlook her?
Irma Longoria Cavazos