San Jose de la Mulada

Though settlers had been living the area before 1749. The land had not been surveyed and divided into “porciones,” (portions—parcels of land) for distribution until 1767. The Pérez family was one of the forty families that came with Blas María de la Garza Falcón that established “La Villa de Santa Ana” near Carmargo on Mar 5, 1749 as part of José de Escandón immense settlement project. Pedro José Pérez married Manuella de la Garza on January 8, 1769. On December 26, 1787, Pedro Pérez purchased “Porcion” 74 from, the original grantee, Pedro Lugo founding San José de la Mulada ranch, which consisted of 6740 acres. The ranch was dedicated to raising sheep, goats, cattle and breeding mules and became a major supplier of mules for armies. Through the generations the original 6740 acres has been divided and parts sold to others but a portion is still owned and operated by one of the direct heirs of Pedro Pérez, Araceli Pérez Davis. The ranch has been designated a Texas Historic site.